Victoria House

We live in a shanty mansion.
We put on music and art shows in Beaumont, TX.

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Oh yeah, remember the intergalactic gala? Here’s some snippets!
We raised about $65 for the House Fund and more importantly had an AWESOME time! Thanks to all the androids and astronaughties who made it so!

Check out more pictures of everyone’s elaborate cosmic costumes from the sick band of celestial photographers:
Bryan Lee
Brandon Guillory
Robyn Boudreaux
Maurice Ableman

we are now getting ready for our NEXT performative dress party!
we will be turning the actual Victoria House into Andy Warhol’s Silver Factory on AUGUST 23rd! hope to see you all there with bells on!

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we’ve got quite a range of ladies and boys from loud and heavy to sugar sweet with plenty of party in between, and it will DEFINITELY be a fun time for everyone. come seeeeeeeeeeeee!
$5 at the door or whatever you have! (it really means a lot if you can pay the cover, your scene can’t keep runnin’ on empty forever!)
BRING YOUR OWN LIQUOR! (get it at Debb’s on College, tell ‘em we said, “HAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY!”)

10:00 - THE BLIND PETS (on tour from Austin, pretty much as BOYS as it gets)

9:00 - MAD MAUDE & THE HATTERS (three gorgeous ladies’ voices backed by equally talented gentlemen)

8:00 - GOOD GRIEF! (a newish supergroup with yer faves from Too Heavy Boxes, Sun and Shadow, Cussins’ and MORE)

look, gang. i’m gonna be real and ask y’all not to show up really late to this show. because some of us dropped out of college and don’t have summer vacation so we have to wake up really early in the morning and i PROMISE these bands will sound just as good if i don’t have to push the show back an hour waiting for a crowd to show up. that’s how this works. remember, it’s hip to be prompt! <3


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The Local Scene - BEAUMONT PRIDE!

the full lineup as as follows!

at the Orleans Pavilion:
12:00 - UnU
1:00  - We Are Wombat
2:00  - Old Union Southern
3:00  - Port Arthur Playboys
4:00  - Delicious Fuzz
5:00  - The Ron Jeremies
6:00  - Crazy & The Brains
7:00  - Jenny & the Reincarnation
8:00  - The Fanatics
9:00  - Mad Maude & the Hatters
10:30 - the HFAs

outside Suga’s at the Art Walk:
1:00 - Blake Sticker
2:00 - Illuminate
3:00 - Raw Blow
4:00 - Grace Mathis
5:00 - Ryan Gist & Trevor Batson
6:00 - Moonboy

AND a buncha DJs all over the place. and other stuff i don’t even know about. AND IT’S FREEEEEEEE! JUST LIKE YOU AND ME ARE FREE TO BE YOU AND ME!


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We are getting ready for our second annual performative dress party.
Victoria House will be transformed into Andy Warhol’s Silver Factory on AUGUST 23.

The time period is 1962-1968. We wanna see mods, beatniks, bohemians. If you can’t dress within the era, then at least dress classy, or be as expressive as possible. Everyone is an artist, everyone is a superstar, everyone is famous for fifteen minutes.
But if you show up in modern everyday clothes, be prepared for a shaming.

we’re gonna put a lot of elbow grease into making this a fabulous party, and we want everyone to have a wonderful time as usual. be warned, we will be asking for donations to the House Fund during the event.

go ahead and RSVP so you can be kept up to date.

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another thing about BEAUMONT PRIDE that we’re totally stoked about is the ART WALK!

these pictures were provided by (ahem, stolen from) just a few of the artists and crafters that will be showing and selling their wares at the Art Walk. The variety so far is really astounding, there will be paintings, photography, jewelry, handmade craft beer coasters, precious knitted dolls, sweet little bags, crocheted ear doilies (you just gotta see ‘em), SO MANY THINGS! If we can find someone to man our table, we might even have our common phrase t-shirts, lightersharks, and Vhaus koozies! This will be happening from noon until 6pm along Orleans St and Bowie St downtown, between The Beaumont Club and Suga’s, right near where the rest of the festival will be happening on Orleans.
There will also be a series of acoustic musicians busking outside of Suga’s!
1:00 - Blake Sticker
2:00 - Illuminate
3:00 - Raw Blow
4:00 - Grace Mathis
5:00 - Ryan Gist & Trevor Batson
6:00 - Moonboy

PS, ARTISTS - it’s probably not too late to participate!
snoop some deets here

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we have released the full band lineup for the stage at Orleans Pavilion during BEAUMONT PRIDE!

12:00 - UnU

1:00  - We Are Wombat

2:00  - Old Union Southern

3:00  - Port Arthur Playboys

4:00  - Delicious Fuzz

5:00  - The Ron Jeremies

6:00  - Crazy & The Brains (NYC)

7:00  - Jenny & the Reincarnation

8:00  - The Fanatics

9:00  - Mad Maude & the Hatters

10:30 - the HFAs

there will also be DRAG QUEENS performing between EACH of the bands at the Pavilion!
AND we will have acoustic acts performing outside in front of Suga’s at the Art Walk in the afternoon.

the entire event is being put together on a shoestring budget only made possible by our sponsors and volunteers.
the following charities will benefit from the proceeds:
-The SETX Food Bank
-Triangle AIDS Network
-The Beaumont Heritage Society 
-Legacy Community Health Center
-PALM Center
-Some Other Place
-The Human Rights Campaign

you can donate to the cause pretty much anywhere during the festival, or in advance RIGHT HERE!

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we are having a FUNDRAISER
but it is FREE to attend!
you can donate to the House Fund in any amount you feel comfortable with. or you can give us nothing at all, it’s still a free party and we still want you there having a great time!
if you prefer something tangible for your dollar, we made lighter sharks, koozies, and t-shirts to sell. we made them with our hands and they’re goin’ cheap.

it’s also a birthday party for Olivia Busceme (that’s me! aka “us”)
I’m turning twenty-four. THAT’S OLD!
Space Capsule will be crankin’ the space jams until eleven, and then my namesake Olivia Gardner and Beaumont’s bearded lady Ravenikka Knix will be performing!





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here’s something that we’re really excited to see and you probably will be, too.


Ad Hoc Beaumont is bringing Aztec Economy's show Butcher Holler Here We Come to Beaumont Community Players' stage! As you might expect, it's an unconventional stage play, literally very dark, and for lack of a better word, unique. If you remember, these are the same New York boys who brought My Aim Is True to town, and we’re real excited to see what’s in store this time. It’s recommended that you get tickets for opening weekend, as there’s a good chance they will sell out by the second weekend.
The subject is coal mining, but it will strike a chord with our local oil industry. That’s why they are offering a special price of just $5 to anyone who works in a refinery. This is a great time to expand one’s horizons in the arts, right here in Beaumont.

Check out the synopsis and some reviews, and purchase your tickets at 

read the article in Cat5!
read the article in ISSUE!
read the article in The Examiner!
check it on facebook!

see also, interviews:

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